Setting up your profile

KOTC Seller dashboard


After logging into your account, you will see the seller dashboard.

Over here, you are able to see:
Store statistics
Store earning
Top sold products
Recent orders
Out of Stock Products

To get started off, there are a few details that is required that is in the red box.

  • Payment method
  • Address, Country, Contact


Hover your cursor on the ‘Profile’ tab and click on ‘My Account’


After clicking on ‘My Account’, you will need to key in your account details. These are required to start listing your products.

You can upload a profile picture and also a seller shop logo if you want. After entering all your details, there will be a ‘Save Changes’ button in green at the bottom left of the screen after you scroll down.

The store address will be used for us (admin) to collect the shoe from you and proceed with the delivery.

Contact number will be for us to contact you if we need to.

Feel free to add any type of description for your store to stand out! 

After inputting such details, you will still have to input your payment details before being able to list your products.  Hover your cursor on the ‘Profile’ tab once again and click on ‘Payment Details’ this time round.

Under payment method, we have only enabled Bank Wire Transfer. Please fill in your necessary information with either of the following:

1) PayNow number
2) PayNow UEN number
3) Bank account number

This information is visible to us (admin) and we need this information so that we are able to payout to you.

Why is this needed?
When a buyer purchases a shoe from you (vendor), the money will go to us (admin) first. After we have done the delivery and confirm that the buyer has received the shoes, we will then release the payout to you via the method that you have stated.